Serena Williams’s First S’more Experience Is What Failure Looks Like

The World No. 1 in women’s tennis, Serena William isn’t quite number one when it comes to food. The star athlete, who is also a dog food and fancy spoon enthusiast, still has a lot of things unchecked on her ‘bucket list’. Eating a s’more and roasting marshmallows, for instance.

Williams recently got all her Snapchat followers in on her first ever s’mores eating experience. That’s right, as of November 2016, Serena Williams had never ever tastes a s’more. But lets just say that her first time with the gooey-crunchy snack didn’t exactly go down as planned. Have a look at the tennis player’s first encounter with the popular snack.image1

While proudly holding up the snack to her phone’s camera, the tennis player admitted that it was her first s’more. But there’s something a bit, err, off about that ‘thing’. Yes, t is only crackers, chocolate and roasted marshmallow. But but but, here’s what happened when Williams tried to roast marshmallows.image-3

See, no one’s perfect. You may not be World No. 1 in anything, but at least your s’mores don’t look like they’re dressed for Halloween! Or so we hope.

Images: Refinery 29