Serena Williams Ate Dog Food Because It Came With A Fancy Spoon

Turns out the celebrity brigade is out to take over Snapchat with their pet pooches. Just last week it was John Mayer switching jerkies with his pet Moose and now it’s tennis champ Serena Williams who’s proving to be a questionable hooman.

The World No. 1 decided to order her pet dog, Chip, a meal off this super fancy menu, which then led to her eating it. Why? Because it “looked good” and “came with an expensive looking spoon”. So here’s what happened. Why it happened. And how it happened.

It doesn’t take rocket science to realize that Chip Williams leading a better life than most of us. How else does one chow down a meal worth that much and not give a flying *woof*?

Anywho, being the proud hooman of three dogs, I understand the concern about the pets’ food. But do I eat to make sure it’s healthy? Umm, not really. But hey I’m not a multiple time Grand Slam winner, so what would I know, right? Except that I – like a lot of other dog owners – do know better. And we don’t really need to explain why what Williams did was a bad idea. Considering she felt sick after a few hours, everybody’s a penny wiser now! And then this warning note by the tennis player clears all doubt:Screen-Shot-2016-05-13-at-11.33.33-AM

Small, word of advice to sports queen Williams, stick to people food, please? Unless they are Scooby Snacks. Always eat Scooby Snacks. Rokay?