Send Your Love Through Christmas Goodies In Bengaluru

Christmas is the time for celebrations filled with gifts and goodies. The perfect Christmas gift for us will always be something which we can inhale during the course of the entire Christmas day. Cakes and chocolates are the perfect gifts for people like us who wish to indulge on those sinfully delicious items. 

Here are a few places in Bengaluru where you can get those special Christmas goodies for gifting your loved ones, or us (we will even take a piece of chocolate!)  

1. Baked Goodies at Lazy Suzy, Indiranagar

Lazy Suzy is the place to be this Christmas for gourmet patisserie, boulangerie and chocolaterie. Their elegant desserts and baked goods is sure to express your love in a delicious way. 


2. Rum Cakes at Muffets and Tuffets, Koramangala

Muffets and Tuffets is known for their decadent chocolate cakes. This Christmas, send their special Rum cake to your loved ones for a delightfully different gift.  


3. Bliss Gingerbread House Cake at Bliss Chocolate Lounge, Hosur Road

Bliss provides a one-stop shop for all your Christmas baking needs. Try their delicious Gingerbread House Cake for that traditional Christmas gift with a slight twist. 



4. Tall Boy Cakes at Aubree, Sadashiv Nagar

Aubree has some innovative cakes for that special occasion and Christmas is no different. The tall boy cake will satisfy every single member of your family with its quantity and taste. 


5. Plum Cakes at Calvin’s, Koramangala

A traditional cake worthy of gifting on an special occasion like Christmas. Calvin’s is known for their varieties of cakes and desserts but their variation of plum cakes will be the people pleaser for this Christmas. 


6. The Dark Truffle Cake at Bengaluru Baking Company, Lavelle Road

The connoisseur of cakes and baked goods, Bengaluru Baking Company is the place to get that special cake for your loved one. BBC’s chocolate truffle cake is decadently layered and oozing with chocolatey goodness. 


7. Gingerbread House at Marzipan Cafe and Bakery, Ulsoor

Marzipan welcomes Christmas with traditional baked goods to satisfy any sweet tooth. Give the gift of wonder with the Gingerbread House, tasty and easy on the eyes. The perfect combination for that Christmas morning. 


8. Christmas Wine Hamper at Rage Chocolatier, Residency Road

The best gift giving options for this Christmas is at Rage Chocolatier, with their chocolate truffle box and the apollo box, which features chocolate coated biscuits and coffee bean flavoured chocolate. For an elegant gift, try their Christmas Wine Hamper, a combination of wine and two boxes of chocolates. 


9. Baked New York Cheesecake at Jus’ Trufs, Yelahanka

Cheesecake is the ultimate gift for anyone with an incredible craving for a delicious desserts. The Baked New York Cheesecake at Jus’ Trufs, made from real Cream Cheese, takes the cake with its taste and delightful variety of options to choose from. 



10. French Yule Logs at Delice, Ulsoor 

Yule Logs are the traditional French dessert served just in time for Christmas. Delice offers you a sneak peak into French tradition with their chocolatey variation of Yule Logs, perfect for that wonderful gift on Christmas.