See Street Food In Chennai Like Never Before With Kayendhi Bhavans

Kayendhi Bhavans. Ever heard of it? If you’ve visited the beautiful city of Chennai, and strolled across different streets, you would have probably noticed some bright blue push carts with big wheels, parked on the sides of the street or corners of small roads. These, are kayendhi bhavans. These push carts are found all over the city and are something the locals love, like a go-to food joint for the locals in the city. Kayendhi bhavans dominate the street food scene in the city, and very often you can find hoards of people surrounded around the push cart eating their meal or eagerly waiting for their food. These push carts have it all – breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Tiffin, and meals, are made fresh every day just in time for when hunger strikes, calling for a large crowd lining up to have a meal.



You could say that Kayendhi bhavans are the food trucks of Chennai. Delicious food always awaits, and it is always regional, and traditional. Nothing fancy about the way it looks, or the presentation offered on your plate but there is a reason why everyone heads over there. It’s the one place to get your South Indian food fix, and fast. Located all over the city, that works as a huge plus, especially the working crowd that needs to catch a quick meal break. Priced well for everybody, kayendhi bhavans give you the best of street food that Chennai is famous for and we hear some might even have specials for the day and so on. 


The standard idli and dosa are most common, besides everyone’s favourite parotta and korma combination, or even the kotthu parotta, something Chennai is well known for. For eggs to order, you can have boiled eggs or omelettes at these push carts. Biriyani is also a popular item at kayendhi bhavans, and quite often you can find several people enjoying some of this on a lunch break. For beverages, you have the popular filter coffee and tea, and if you’re lucky, masala tea, too. If this is something you haven’t tried, we suggest you give it a shot for a memorable experience. Ever tried it though? Tell us what your favourite food at a kayendhi bhavan has been?