What you see is what you Crave

At Craveyard Cafe

Down Gandhi Nagar in Adyar, on one of the tiny lanes, sits a Craveyard Cafe. The exteriors welcome you like an old friend and the interiors keep you snug and comfortable. Bright colours, cute curios, board games, old cinema chairs and retro Rajinikanth songs play inside while freshly baked somethings send out a familiar scent. 


Sitting under the ‘cheese-grater-chandelier’ and in the company of golden dinosaurs, we were served a pleasant Cranberry Delight and a Mango Blossom. If you’re from Chennai and a little too familiar with the heat, you’ll probably know what it means to drink something ice-cold and full of flavour and be on top of the world. 


We ordered ourselves some greedy starters. You’ll know what I mean in just a few minutes. Homemade French Fries, Muttai Bonda, Paneer sticks and buttery Garlic bread arrived in a bit. And each one of them spelled ‘home’. And as I write this, I’m still thinking of those peppery French Fries and Garlic bread. 


Along came the Pasta with mushrooms and Vegetarian Burger. Both were winners. The twist in the Pasta is something you have to try for yourself. All I’ll say is ‘not red, not white, but just the way I like it’. 


As we sat there too full to talk, the chef came by for a chat. Rishikesh R is a pastry chef by profession, among others. He’s also the little man you see on their logo. We’d like to think that anyway. He and his partner have converted this old house into a place that’s ‘your friend’s house’, in every sense. Their loyals’ walk in for the fresh bread and yummy desserts. They’re vegetarian at the moment, if you don’t count the egg, and will soon serve both. 


The star of the show arrived then. A creamy Tiramisu that will change everything you know and a bed, yes, a bed of Brownies. We’ll let that sink in just a bit. Both are must-haves’- mark my words. 

We had a fun evening at the friendly, neighbourhood, Craveyard. 

What we had: 

Cranberry Delight and Mango Blossom

Paneer sticks

Egg Bonda 

French Fries

Garlic Bread 

Pasta with mushrooms 

Veggie Burger 


Brownie Bed 

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