The Secrets Behind Tiger Shroff’s Rambo-Like Physique

If there is one person in the Hindi Film Industry who can truly be lauded for not only their flawless physique but also dedication and discipline towards maintaining that fabulous, fit, and healthy form, it’s Tiger Shroff, a.k.a., Jai Hemant Shroff (yep, that’s his name).

The actor, whose name carries with it decades of exemplary acting and charm, made a somewhat promising debut with Heropanti, and with that his position as a successful action hero and stunt master. A huge Bruce Lee fan, Shroff with all those back flips, jumps, and 360-degree turns were enough for the young actor to etch his impression in our head. And the one question everyone’s mind was “what does he eat?” We find out.



Tiger follows a stringent workout routine and diet plan, and the former is something that makes up for a major part of his life and day. The actor works out seven days a week, without fail. And that is one of the major factors involved in sculpting those washboard abs we’ve secretly drooled over. With separate exercises planned out for each day, Tiger shuffles between a variety of workout methods, which include the likes of pull ups, squats, press downs, chest flies and more, focusing on a different body part each day.

But it’s not just the gym that Shroff turns to for his workouts. The actor also likes dancing and is thoroughly passionate about martial arts, football, gymnastics, and kickboxing. Now you know where he gets that unreal flexibility!

The Secrets Behind Tiger Shroff's Rambo-Like PhysiqueImage: Mid Day



Of course, without a healthy diet, the workout wouldn’t be half as effective. Which is why the Flying Jatt pairs his workout with four nourishing meals a day. The actor’s diet is a healthy mix of greens, meats, and staples like rice and oatmeal, all of which are essential for a balanced diet. Here’s a quick look at his healthily chalked out diet plan:

Breakfast- 8 egg whites and oatmeal

Snack- dry fruits and whey shake

Lunch- brown rice with fish or chicken and boiled veggies

Dinner- fish, green beans and broccoli

In addition to his healthy and wholesome diet, Shroff drinks lots of water to keep himself well hydrated through the day. Moreover, he steers clear of cigarettes and alcohol. Basically, Tiger Shroff’s enviable form is a result of oodles of dedication paired with a lot of discipline!


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