Secret Sugar In Your Diet!

Clever marketing such as ‘high-fibre’ and ‘low fat’, or even strong branding usually leads to us ignoring the labels on the back of foods. Yes, these foods and many like them have a place in our diet. But having an understanding of their contents is so important, more so to ensure we don’t ‘over consume’. A couple of ‘low fat yoghurts’ throughout the day could lead to almost 30g of sugar, that’s pretty much the UK’s daily guideline for sugar consumption. So, this isn’t a ‘don’t eat these foods’ kinda article, as I don’t condone that approach. But it is a little heads up to be wary with foods, their contents and how much we consume on a daily basis.

Granola – 10 grams per 45 grams
Low Fat Yogurt – 124 grams per 175 grams
BBQ Sauce – 8.6 grams per 500 ml
Sports Drinks – 18 grams sugar per
Fruit & Nut Bars – 14.8 grams per bar
Almond Milk – 7.5 grams per 250 ml