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The Secret behind the Sriracha Sauce


Founder David Tran has released a tell-all video on the beloved Sriracha sauce, which has more than once saved the day. In a new video from Hypebeast, you are taken on an inside tour of the company behind the sauce Huy Fong Foods by its CEO David Tran.

Tran reveals the humble beginnings behind the sauce explaining that the company was named after the boat that helped him escape from Vietnam to Hong Kong in 1978 when Vietnam was in a state of economic crisis and widespread famine.

2 years later, Sriracha was ready to be released to the public. The first bottles of Sriracha were even packaged by hand. Tran in his soft-spoken demeanor tells us that, “We just tried to make the flavor good and the taste special. I love that taste.” Well, Mr. Tran we love the taste too!