The Secret Behind Shahid Kapoor’s Chiseled Form In ‘Udta Punjab’

Bollywood’s latest controversy Udta Punjab may be a lot of things, but it sure is not banned. The movie that has attracted plenty of eyeballs nationwide, already had all the girls glued to its teaser and trailer. Courtesy the notorious and totally hot Tommy played by Shahid Kapoor.

The actor hasn’t wasted a single inch of clothing on his upper body and with good reason. Kapoor flaunts an unbelievably flawless form in the trailers. And as if that wasn’t enough, he recently flooded our Instagram feeds with a few snippets of his rigorous workout regime. Have a look.

And that, ladies and gentleman, is a cardiac arrest in the flesh.

As is evident, Shahid Kapoor has worked super hard to carry off the role of a young and uber desirable rockstar, But how did he do it?



Kapoor is a hardcore vegetarian. So all that muscle you see? All plant proteins. The actor abides by a protein-rich plant based diet, which is sumptuous enough to not only sustain but build his body as well. A few of his dietary regulars include spinach, beans, rice, dairy, vegetables, et al.

A major factor of Shahid’s diet is portion control. He eats five to six meals spread out across his day before workout, after it and at other times.

Additionally, the actor takes dietary supplements like creatine and whey protein to keep his protein meter full at all times.shahidkapoor-udtapunjab-1460376655



With a six-day workout week chalked out for himself, Kapoor gives 3 alternating days each for different segments of the body. The actor follows a blend of cardio and strengthening exercise.

The Shandaar actor likes to sweat it out outdoors as well with activities like swimming and yoga.udta-punjab-647_061316125134


And that’s how you become the chiseled perfection that is Shahid Kapoor.