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This Season, Refresh With B Natural’s Natural Fruit Juices


Social media could not reiterate more the importance of drinking water. But one more thing that we should invest in for a well-hydrated and healthy system is fruit juices. However, not just any fruit juice will do because you want juice not concentrates fortified with sugars, coloring, and preservatives. Luckily for us, ITC Limited’s B Natural juices not only up the taste ante with a roster of amazing juices but they also keep in mind the consumers’ health by churning out only the healthiest drinks for us.


B Natural, Be Healthy

We got a chance to try out B Natural’s litchi, guava, and 100% pomegranate juices. All three delicious and all of them completely natural and each beverage made without any synthetic colouring, added preservatives, or artificial flavours. The pomegranate juice was a special one, for we’ve not had a packaged juice that tasted, looked, and felt so raw and real on the palate. Further standing proof of B Natural’s claims.

B Natural prides itself with a range of eight exciting variants. From the delicious Mango, Apple, Guava and Litchi to the tangy-sweet Mixed Fruit , Orange and Pineapple . Their jamun variant is especially healthy as it comes with zero added sugar.

However, the brand’s nutritional ante does not end at the juices itself. The drinks are made even more healthy by packing them in 6-layer Tetra Pak cartons. “These cartons protect the contents from environmental conditions and preserve their nutritional value, so you can experience the goodness of our beverages in its entirety”, B Natural states.

So, we are headed to the supermarket to stock our pantry with more of B Natural’s delightful fruit nectars. What about you?


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