Seafood Lovers, Cambay Tiger Seafood Mart Is Now Open In Delhi!

Scoring the freshest and best seafood is almost as important as having the option of picking it from a wide variety. Because what’s the fun in settling for whatever is available in the market only because it’s fresh? Lucky for us, popular seafood giant WestCoast Group has set up dedicated company-owned seafood retail outlets Cambay Tiger Seafood Mart (CTSM) for all our seafood needs.

Luckier for us Delhi folk, the seafood shop has step foot in the Capital with a new outlet in Defence Colony. This comes after two hugely popular retail branches in Mumbai at Bandra and Lokhandwala Complex.


The Mart

WestCoast’s seafood marts give a unique experience to their customers. Complete with top quality produce, matchless ambience, design, display, and human resources encounter, the boutique shops give a unique and first-of-its-kind shopping experience.

“Through these shops, we want to give our customers a true Cambay Tiger guarantee for their seafood. We need to look at a few trends in urban India, especially the metros and our growth plan with Cambay Tiger Seafood Marts is to capitalise on these trends. Firstly, there is a shift of preference in shopping for seafood to modern retail markets, from a traditional Indian fish market.

“The hygiene, freshness, convenience and customer service in a modern retail set up is not usually achieved in a traditional fish market. A modern retail displays fish, which has undergone the best quality benchmarks in fish catch, storage and distribution, is not generally seen in a traditional fish market,” said Director, WestCoast Group, Shivam Gupta.

Seafood Lovers, Cambay Tiger Seafood Mart Is Now Open In Delhi!Image: Shrimp News International


The Products

The stores carry a wide variety of products like Atlantic Salmon – flown all the way from Norway – white prawns, Seer fish, Pomfret – black, silver, and Chinese, mud crabs, Sardines, Lady fish, silver Anchovies, Rawas, Mackerels, Rohu, Katla and Tilapia. Cambay has on offer not just raw seafood but also a range of ready-to-cook products (marinated and breaded), accompanying items such as rubs, marinades, canned fish, and regional fish pickles.

Further, in an all-new health-marketing attempt by the seafood retailer, customers could subscribe to its nutritionist-certified subscription packs called Cambay Tiger Fitness Packs, which are fish diet designed to meet an individual’s fitness goals such as weight loss, bone health, beauty enhancement, muscle building, cholesterol management, general fitness, and eye care.

The seafood hub has also opened a branch in Pune’s Viman Nagar neighbourhood. Currently, the store is present across 50 Indian cities in over 1000 stores, including tie ups with leading retail outlets such as Big Bazaar, Godrej Nature’s Basket, More, Foodhall, Haiko and Hypercity. You can also purchase Cambay Tiger products online through its e-commerce site


Feature Image: Taste