Scootsy Is Set To Exclusively Deliver Exquisite Goan Delicacies From ‘O Pedro’

Scootsy Is Set To Exclusively Deliver Exquisite Goan Delicacies From ‘O Pedro’

Mumbai: For those of you longing to feast on some exquisite Goan food, Scootsy has good news. The app will deliver some amazing Goan treats from O Pedro’s specially curated menu featuring dishes not available on the restaurants regular menu to Mumbaikars.  A favourite in Mumbai now, O Pedro, is a recently opened Goan-inspired bar and restaurant locatwd at BKC. The restaurant offers a menu that brings forth meals from the Catholic, Saraswat and Portuguese kitchens of the Sunshine State.

Now get your ‘susegad’ on and order away.

Take a pick from the menu which offers some exclusive varieties of dishes. Enjoy freshly made Goan-inspired food including the Corn Falafel Lettuce Wrap, the Chicken Cutless Lettuce Wrap or the Good Ol’ Choriz Chili Fry Lettuce Wrap. You could also try Uncle Pinto’s Cured Veal Lettuce Wrap which is Gluten Free. In the Poee sandwiches section you could snack on some freshly baked Poee Sandwiches include the Corn Falafel Poee, Chicken Cutless Poee, Good Ol’ Choriz Chili Fry Poee or Uncle Pinto’s Cured Veal Pao. There is also a special section for Bhakri Rolls that offers two varieties- Goan Beef Masala and Chicken Chilli Fry.

Don’t miss out on the specialties such as Green Watana Rassa, Cauliflower Caldeen, Beryl’s Fish Curry, Chicken Baffad Curry all gluten free from the Full Plates section right from the kitchen of the restaurant.

So, sink your teeth into some mouth watering grub for lunch or a post siesta snack, just click a button and Scootsy will have these exclusive treats delivered to you in no time.

Link to order: ail_page.php?vendor_id=4166& flag=p&is_view=u


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