Scootsy Brings Traditional Eats To Your Door This Ganesh Chaturthi

Ganesh Chaturthi is just around the corner and that means countless processions, celebrations and a whole load of modaks and other sweet treats. One of Mumbai’s favourite delivery apps, Scootsy, will be sending out a collection of different sweets for Ganesh Chatuthi, so that you don’t have to brave the crowds yourself. Here’s what’s on offer:


Modal cake

Cakeline is selling a collection of mouth-watering modak cakes, along with modaks in assorted flavours like coconut, praline, almond and orange.


If you want to get just a little bit fancier with your modaks, order from Exquisite which has modaks and modak eclairs in flavours like red velvet, rocher and cinnamon. Additionally, if you order between September 5th and Septermer 15th, you’ll get a mini brownizza free.

The Yellow Apron

 Yellow apron

The Yellow Apron will be sending out curated packaged treats which include chocolate, granola bars and honey coated nuts.

Brijwasi Sweets

Brijjwasi Sweets

If you purchase a single piece modak from Brijwasi Sweets on Scootsy between the 4th  and 15th  September, you’ll get a six piece box of Rasgullas free. Meanwhile, if you order over Rs.600, you’ll get a box of modaks free.

To order  these treats, download the Scootsy app