Scootsy Begins Long Distance Food Delivery In Mumbai

Scootsy Begins Long Distance Food Delivery In Mumbai

Usually there is a set area radius for a food delivery from various restaurants in Mumbai but Scootsy is the first service to change that. According to a report by India Retailing, Scootsy will be delivering long distance in Mumbai even if it means food coming from across the sea link.

Order From Your Fav Restaurant

The report further says that South Mumbai residents can now order food from far off places like Bandra using Scootsy app. Also, it works vice versa for Bandra can also order from popular restaurants in South Mumbai like Copper Chimney, Royal China and Trishna. “Our customers have been equating Scootsy with being the app that delivers the Best of Bombay, and what better way to stay true to this fact than to be the first to deliver the best from across Bombay,” said Sandeep Das, Co- Founder & CEO, Scootsy to India Retailing.

At Scootsy, we believe in making the lives of our customers simple, easy and convenient when it comes to deliveries and experiences. We were the first brand in Mumbai to offer pre-ordering services and now we are the first brand who has been able to ensure long- distance deliveries for our restaurant partners and customers. Through this offering we intend to create more value for our customers by taking the instant gratification quotient to the next level. We are expecting an increased subscriber base in the app through this introduction,” he added.


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