Scoop Out A New Range Of Italian Sundaes At Café Coffee Day Delhi

With Monsoon unleashing its romantic showers upon us in full force, a tall glass or a crunchy waffle bowl of ice cream could do wonders. Acting upon our prayers, Café Coffee Day unveils a new range of gorgeous new Ice Cream sundaes in the Capital.


Flavors of Heaven

The new line of gelato has been prepared with inputs from Italian experts and includes a variety of flavors to satiate every kind of palate. Be prepared to binge on flavors like ‘Nutty Hot Fudge’, ‘Sinful Strawberry Sundae’, ‘Chocolate Overload Sundae’ and finally, ‘Choco Cookie Sundae’.

“At CCD, we give our best to delight café food lovers. This time, it’s a sweet surprise in store with four flavourful sundaes made the Italian way. With the goodness of chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, nuts, waffle, cookies and fudge, we have created some discerning sundaes that are meant to wow through the day and also meet those post 9 pm sweet cravings we all experience.

Apart from the four sundaes, we have one more delicious treat called ‘Scoopy Doo’. Served in a crispy waffle bowl, ice cream lovers can relish the richness of their favorite Italian flavor scoop by scoop. Scoopy Doo is available in three tasty flavours – French vanilla, Belgian chocolate and strawberry. So indulge, enjoy and have a happy sundae spree,” says Bidisha Nagaraj, Group President Marketing, Coffee Day.

Scoop Out A New Range Of Italian Sundaes At Café Coffee Day Delhi


Starting at a pocket-friendly price of INR89, the sundaes are the perfect way to end your meals or simply fulfill your sweet tooth! Find the nearest Café Coffee Day outlet here.