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Scientists Suggests An Alternative To Salt In Packaged Foods


British government’s scientific advisors have advised removal of substantial amount of salt in food replacing it with potassium-based equivalents according to The Guardian. The scientists have also said that doing so would benefit the health of the masses.

Less Salt Means Lesser Risk Of Heart Disease

A previous study claims that salt can leave you feeling hungrier and now according to this report by a committee of experts insists that food producers and supermarkets replace sodium with potassium-based replacements. According to the scientific advisory committee on nutrition (SACN) in Britain has concluded that to help reduce risk of stroke and heart attack replacing 15-20 percent of salt in food is a must.

The report released by the SACN on Wednesday says, “Overall, at a population level, the potential benefits of using potassium-based sodium replacers to help reduce sodium in foods outweigh the potential risks. The beneficial effects at an individual level are likely to be small in size but will impact a large proportion of the population.”

“The government should consider encouraging food companies to explore the use of potassium-based sodium replacers to help reduce sodium levels in food,” it adds. “Salt is unnaturally added to food in huge amounts and is putting up our blood pressure. Conversely, potassium is contained naturally in fruit and veg and lowers our blood pressure,” said Katharine Jenner, the campaign director at Consensus Action on Salt and Health to The Guardian.

Scientists have stated earlier this year that potassium has proven to reduce high blood pressure. It is found naturally in fruit, vegetables, pulses, milk, nuts, seeds, fish and shellfish and along with reducing the most important reason for numerous heart problems, potassium also helps in quicker recovery of the patients who have recently had cardiac surgery.