Scientists In Japan Grow Life-Saving Drugs In Eggs

Scientists In Japan Grow Life-Saving Drugs In Eggs

According to recent reports, Japanese researchers have found a way to engineer hens to lay eggs that contain life-saving drugs, those that can even fight cancer. According to reports by the scientists are trying their best to reduce cost of treatment by developing this method.

The Genius Research

The cost of treatment could come down from $888 to significantly low price if the scientists manage to produce interferon beta through hens. Interferon beta is a type of a protein which is used to treat many diseases like multiple sclerosis and hepatitis.

The researchers at National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) started off the process by introducing genes which produce this protein into cells and the precursors of chicken sperm. These cells were then used for the fertilisation of the eggs and creating hens that inherited the genes.

There are three such hens with the scientists who lay the eggs containing the drug. These eggs are laid on a daily basis and the researchers are planning to sell the drugs to the pharmaceutical companies. The price will be reduced to half so that the firms can use it for research. The screening processes take years of checking so it might take time for the drugs to come in the market. The team is however hoping that after technology has done its work, the drug cost will reduce to 10% of the current cost.


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