Scientists To Evaluate Which Is Better – Wine With Cork Or Screw Caps

Wine With Cork Or Screw Caps?

It’s probably a long debate between oenophiles as to which way of storing wine is better. While cork let’s the wine breathe by letting air come in and out, 20% wine is lost due to taint. On the other hand screw caps seals it all which won’t give any taint but won’t let the wine breathe either.

So while the debate is on, a team of researchers at the Oxford University in collaboration with the Portuguese Cork Association is all set to put an end to this argument. To do this they are going to study the wine drinkers brain by putting sensors on their heads. As they take a sip, the sensors will translate the responses into numbers for comparison.

The researchers have thought of a well-rounded approach to this experiment as they will also be looking at other factors like how a person registers the taste of wine. This will be done by observing if the cork pop induces better enjoyment, what if the wine taster opens the bottle himself, smelling the wine and so on.


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