Scientists Discover A Power Booster For Human Body That Can Act As A Nutrient

According to reports by Insider, ketones can act as the fuel to the body and does not have the main nutrients – carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Based on these findings as start-up based in San Francisco, has launched a drink made out of pure ketone ester.

How Does This Work

The company which has launched its first ketone-based product is called HVMN and is terming ketone as the fourth macronutrient. “It’s not a fat, it’s not a protein, it’s not a carb, but your body gets fuel from it,” Geoff Woo, the co-founder and CEO of the start-up told Business Insider. The product is a 2.2-oz of ketone ester and is called ‘Ketone’.

Scientists Discover A Power Booster For Human Body That Can Act As A Nutrient

In a keto diet, one loses weight by cutting down carbohydrates and increase fat and protein intake but by consuming ketones directly, you don’t need to go through the hard diet. “It’s not like caffeine or anything, it’s not a stimulant. If you’re not watching what you’re doing, you think, ‘Oh I’m doing alright, everything feels normal,’ but then you look down and all of a sudden you see, ‘Oh, wow, I’ve gone a lot further than usual!’ You’ll find on a rowing machine, for example, you’re going a lot faster and you didn’t even realize it,” Kieran Clarke, a professor of physiological biochemistry at Oxford told about the effects of ketones.

According to the publication, a bottle of Ketone supplies the body 25 grams of beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB). This is a substance that the body starts producing when it is starved or a person is fasting. In an hour a person can see the effects similar to what a person achieves after seven days of fasting.

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