Say Yes To The Summer Menu At Bistro Oui in Bengaluru

If you want to get your summer vibe on with all the best summer has to offer – Bistro Oui has got you covered! This European cuisine cafe has thought up an exciting new summer menu which consists of only the most enjoyable ways to ”beat the heat”.

Located in Koramangala, this charming three-storey eatery comprises of the most delightful blue and white Parisian ambience with a different theme for every floor. The ground floor has the quaint atmosphere of a coffee lounge where their absolutely life-changing desserts are on display (believe me, I’m not exaggerating). Fine dining is the tune of the second floor, while the terrace (and my personal favourite) is where you can enjoy a lazy afternoon watching the world go by while indulging in some great sheesha. One look at the all the décor created from wine bottles and you’ll know this is a wine bar worth visiting.

The summer menu boasts of all things cold and wonderful, from fresh cold salads to nibble on to exotic wine popsicles that will leave you with a cool and fuzzy feeling inside.

It’s already a well-known fact that their sangrias are legendary –  the Berry Sangria is an absolute must try. For all the non-alcoholics, Bistro Oui hasn’t forgotten you! The Snowy Rainbow Granita is the drink for you!

Eat your heart out with a variety of veg and non-veg mini-pizzas that won’t leave you stuffed, but wanting more. If you’re out with a gang of friends you can try out the platters which consist of an exciting array of options that will have something for everyone. 

If all those incredible options weren’t enough to tempt you (as if!) on the weekdays Bistro Oui serves brilliant lunch combos for a steal! BRB! Someone hold my wine glass because I’m upgrading to a wine lolly! Turns out, wine dreams really do come true!




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