Say Hello To Chow-Fuhn, A Witty Adult Cartoon About Food Trucks

Food truck fun!

There are few people in the television watching world who don’t enjoy a comic episode of The Simpsons or Family Guy once in a while. Likewise, there are few people who don’t appreciate the cheap, quick tasty grub they can get from food trucks which have become a food fad world over.  Therefore, most people will be pleased to know that director Gabriel DeFrancesco, who has been involved with The Simpsons and Family Guy is looking to raise funds for a new adult cartoon based on the cut-throat world of food trucks

Fuhn with Colonel Chow

The cartoon, called ‘Chow-Fuhn’ tells the tale of battles between an owner of Colonel’s Chow, a food truck that serves fortune cookies with unusual nuggets of wisdom, and his rivalry between other food truck owners. The cartoon is being called a ‘Sci-Foodieomedy’ series; a mesh of sci-fi, foodie love and comedy.


The supporting cast will include Bobby Lee, Jon Lovitz and Margaret Chow. The show will be peppered with cultural references; the Colonel’s signature dish, for instance, is called ‘Pearl Harbour.’ Watch a peek of the cartoon below.

Chow-Fuhn will be the first web series about food trucks, although there have been various TV shows about or including food trucks (think Bob’s Burgers). DeFrancesco hopes to eventually expand Chow-Fuhn into game apps and product lines.

Does this sound like a fun concept? The cartoon is currently trying to raise funds on Kickstarter; head over to its page  and help the cartoon become bigger!



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