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Say hello to the KFChizza, a fried chicken crust pizza brought to you by KFC


We saw the stuffed crust pizza, we drooled over the hot dog pizza crust, and now we’re able to bear witness a whole new era of pizza crusts; the fried chicken crust pizza. That’s right, KFC in the Philippines has come up with the KFChizza, a giant slab of fried chicken, topped with all your favourite pizza toppings from pepperoni to mushrooms and then baked. 
Watch the ad for the KFChizza below, set to a tune that sounds suspiciously like Gloria Gaynor’s ‘I will survive’. If we eat too many of these calorie loaded slices, we’re not sure we’ll survive very long. But, we’re willing to risk it. All that’s left is to get ourselves to the Phillipines.