Savouring A Cuppa Curated By A Starbucks’ Barista

For baristas it probably becomes a mundane routine making coffee with precision and customised to order. To realise their true potential and reward them for their unique creations, Starbucks has given them a platform called Barista Pride. Under this platform, all 132 outlets in India will have at least one unique beverage curated by the talented barista from each outlet. The beverage along with the name of the barista will be proudly displayed on the menu and we saw it all fold out at the flagship store in Mumbai

Pranay’s Chocolate Chip Coffee

A refreshing delight, a barista named Pranay working at the Horniman Circle outlet has created chocolate chip cold coffee. The unique thing about this beverage is that it has the least amount of ice as compared to others at Starbucks. With more milk content and the luscious chocolate flavour by the chips is simply delightful. His colleague, Ketan took much pride in telling us all about it and how amazing it felt to see his friend’s name on the board. The opportunity he says is a great one as it gives them a chance to showcase their talent.

Savouring A Cuppa Curated By A Starbucks’ Barista

“Starbucks is committed to delivering an unparalleled, unique experience for every customer. We are delighted to introduce ‘Starbucks Barista Pride’- a new coffee forward initiative which highlights the exemplary coffee skills of our Starbucks baristas and brings to our customers a wide range of artisanal beverages.  At Starbucks, we believe in celebrating each customer’s individual coffee preference and profile. For us each cup of coffee is unique and especially suited to the coffee palette of our customer,” Ms. Veetika Deoras, head – marketing, category, digital and loyalty at Tata Starbucks Pvt. Ltd told us as she spoke about the initiative.

“With a deep understanding of coffee, our Starbucks baristas personalize each cup to perfection. We are humbled to lead specialty coffee in India and initiatives like Starbucks Barista Pride are a tribute to our customers and reflect the Starbucks 47-year legacy of sourcing, roasting and serving world’s top Arabica coffee,” she added.