Savour A Hearty Meal At The Newly Opened 212 All Day Café and Bar In Kurla

Savour A Hearty Meal At The Newly Opened 212 All Day Café and Bar In Kurla

Mumbai-ites have crazy schedules all day long and can crave a meal at an odd time like 5 PM. To cater to the workaholic cities, all day cafes work best and we just ran into one that delighted us with their awesome menu – 212 All Day Café and Bar.

The café has vibrant interiors, great music and friendly staff who understands if you’ve walked in to have simply have a beer with some nibblers as you work or have come on a long overdue date or for a lavish meal after a long hard day. It caters to one and all, a fact which we observed unfolding right in front of us as people with different agendas walked in. We on the other hand set ourselves to lovely dinner to find out how good the food is at 212 All Day!

Small Plates at 212

The menu has various sections like Big Plates, Small Plates, Breakfast All Day, Salads & Soups and so on to meet the needs of their diners. We started off with their small plates and ordered a Pulled Chicken Toast to begin with. The toast was crispy, the chicken delicious with just the right amount of mustard mayo. Lovely snack with a chilled beer!

We don’t know a single meat lover who can resist the charm of the good old BBQ Rubbed Pork Spare Ribs. Well, there probably aren’t any of the kind. The ribs here were absolutely mind blowing. Well cooked with a lovely glaze of the homemade barbecue sauce that shined through. Lip smacking dish, a must try!

212 All Day Café and Bar also has delightful seafood options and why not? The city is known for its finger-licking fare of prawns and fish. We delved into the refreshing Calamari Rings which were tossed with lemon and butter. Well-seasoned and not overly salty, the calamari has a lovely crispy thin batter. We also enjoyed their Gambas Caliente which is nothing but shrimp tossed with spicy garlic and finished up with a paprika glaze. The zesty flavours were on point and we couldn’t stop munching on these!

Large Plates

We thoroughly enjoyed their mains especially the Penne with Sundried Tomato Crème. Tossed with broccoli with a spicy crème and topped with parmesan, the penne was delicious. Pasta can easily become your comfort food if you keep having excellent ones like these. After the sumptuous penne, we delved into a terrific Chargrilled Norwegian Salmon which was doused in butter, was cooked to perfection with a caper vinaigrette and tantalizing flavours. The potato scallion confit served along with lightly tossed baby corn, broccoli and cherry tomatoes on the side were all too good and made the fish a delight to eat. The sides made it a well-balanced dish. For those who don’t mind a little extra butter and an amazingly cooked fish, cannot afford to miss this one.

Coming to our final dish of the night, we tried the Chargrilled Chicken Breast which was served with black peppercorn jus, mashed potatoes and a side of lightly tossed carrots, zucchini and broccoli. The chicken was well cooked and had beautiful smoky flavours complimented by the jus. The peppercorn was not at all overpowering but gave a subtle flavour, elevating the dish. The creamy mashed potatoes and the lovely veggies on the side made for a classic European style dinner.


Last but not the least, we had a lovely dessert at 212 All Day Café & Bar. Though full, we knew that the dessert is going to be a delight as the food so far had been amazing. So we dug our tiny dessert spoons into the gooey chocolate of the Triple Mudpie Cake. Served with chocolate shavings and tiny pieces of fresh pear and sweet lime, the cake was awesome. The soft texture of the creamy chocolate was delightful. The fresh fruit that cut through the heaviness of the chocolate was a smart idea.

With that our dining experience at this lovely café came to an end. We’re sure that after reading this you’re surely going to make a visit to 212 All Day. When you do, don’t forget to come back and tell us how your experience was, we’d love to hear your verdict.


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