Save The Environment & Head To The Strawless Cocktail Week At Street Mama

India, we’re doing it! We’re finally making an effort to live a more sustainable lifestyle! Most of us are ditching plastic at every opportunity, and now, we’ve got an opportunity to combine our favorite cocktails with a brilliant cause!

We’re all doing our bit to save the environment and now, Street Mama is showing us that creating a more sustainable environment is badass! There are many initiatives to reduce plastic waste and Street Mama is pulling out all the stops to support the #StrawLessCocktailWeek running from 16th – 21st July!

Save The Environment & Head To The Strawless Cocktail Week At Street Mama

Cocktails are meant to engage all senses with the aroma being one of the most important. Drinking a cocktail without a straw will not only engage those senses but also allow you to truly taste the flavour, profile, and notes that would otherwise be hidden with a straw.

The menu includes a selection from our handcrafted Street Chemistry & Class Twisted cocktails like Dah Ya Mama – a rum-based Caribbean mix, Jazzy Mimi – vodka drink so aromatic taking you straight to the fields of lavender and jasmine, Smoked Whiskey Sour – bourbon with a sweet and sour note and a hint of bitters, Street Hound – gin & white rum base with grapefruit and rosemary infused smoke, Pineapple & Black Pepper Margarita – tequila flavour with pineapple, lime & black pepper, Jalapeno Margarita – tequila flavour with lime and jalapeno all of which you surely can’t miss! Go green, and ditch the straws!

Date: 16th July 2018 – 21st July 2018

Venue: Street Mama, Garuda Mall