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Which Of These Chinese Sauces Do You Relish? #POLL


If you thought that the Indian cuisine was vast, then wait till you read up on other Southeast Asian cuisines. In particular, the Oriental preparations that are whipped up in the Chinese kitchens are a sight (and bite) to behold. Give me a moment while I try and hold back the drool. The Chinese are highly meticulous and skilled when it comes to art, and cooking is no less than an art for them. Which is probably why the Chinese are so mesmerizing in the kitchen. Like this hypnotizing video that is a fine example of Chinese knife skills.

*gasps in Chinese*

Even more enchanting is what comes out of the kitchen. All that stir fry, the dumpling, wok tossed treats, sauces, and the works are nothing short of delightful. And it is safe to say that Chinese food derives its awesomeness from a number of elements like their spices, the greens, the seasoning, and most importantly the sauces. Yeah like you’ve never dreamed of an extra bowl full of just the black bean sauce! Speaking of which, which of these Chinese gravy a.k.a. sauces do you prefer? Vote now!

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