Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth At The Sassy Teaspoon Dessert Garden Edition 4.0 This Weekend

Are your sitting in your office cubicle, already day dreaming about your weekend plans? We have some news that will make the upcoming weekend sound that much sweeter; Chrome Entertainment is hosting the fourth edition of The Sassy Teaspoon’s Dessert Garden this Saturday.

About The Sassy Teaspoon Dessert Garden

The Sassy Teaspoon Dessrt Garden is a pop up conceptualised by Chrome Entertainment. Held at popular locations across Mumbai, it puts together a collection of the city’s best dessert creators to give customers all things sweet all under one roof.


After having met with successful editions at Out of the Blue and High Street Phoenix last year, the Sassy Teaspoon Dessert Garden is back this year at Radio Bar, in Khar West.

What’s To Eat?

This edition of the dessert garden will have more than twenty dessert stalls including Batter Up Cookies & More,  Waffle House, Frugurpop and Cake Pop Rush.


To know more, check out the dessert garden’s website, its Instagram account and its Facebook page.

Teaspoons will be provided, but we’d suggest carrying along a tablespoon or two if you’re given to gluttony, like us.