Satisfy Your Cravings And Feast On Delicious Konkan Thalis At Lady Baga
February 4, 2018
Christina George (1447 articles)

Satisfy Your Cravings And Feast On Delicious Konkan Thalis At Lady Baga

One of the best things about visiting Goa (apart from the cheap booze, of course) is the food -specifically the Goan Fish Thali. No visit is complete without having a Thali for lunch at least once (or everyday if you’re like me). Unfortunately, whenever we’re hit with fish Thali cravings we can’t just drop everything and head to Goa.

Lucky for us, Lady Baga is bringing the Goa to Bangalore with their selection of Konkon Thalis. Combine that with their killer ambiance, and it’s almost as good as the real thing! Lady Baga has four kickass Thalis to choose from: Vegetarian Thali, Chicken Thali, Sea Food Thali  and Mutton Thali.

All Thali’s are served with rice, chapati, salad, pickle, bebinca and a shot of kanu or palm vodka (Lady Baga’s version of Feni). Available from 12:30pm to 4pm, now you’ll have the perfect excuse to take a long long lunch!

Dates: Monday to Thrusday

Timings: 12:30pm to 4pm

Cost: Rs. 250 + taxes onward

Place: Lady Baga, Lavelle Road

For Reservations: Call –  +91 8048669269 /  +91 9108934177

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Christina George

Christina George

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