Sanjeev Kapoor To Take The Yellow Chilli To The US


Sanjeev Kapoor, celebrity chef and proprietor of The Yellow Chilli chain of restaurants is planning to open an outlet in the US.

About The Yellow Chilli

With a tagline that claims it is “redefining Indian food”, The Yellow Chili is a chain of casual dining restaurants which offers exotic fare from the North West Frontier of India.

The menu includes Chef Sanjeev Kapoor’s signature dishes including Peru Pyala – guava juice, lemon juice and mint syrup – Lalla Mussa Dal (black lentils), Shaam Savera (spinach koftas filled with creamed cottage cheese in tomato butter gravy) and Gulab e Gulkand.

Expanding To The Us

At present, The Yellow Chill has branches in India, Bahrain, Jordan, Oman and the United Arab Emirates.


Soon, it will have a restaurant in Santa Clara at the new Monticello Apartment Complex off the Lawrence Expressway.