Sanjeev Kapoor Takes A Massive Leap Forward On The 2017 Forbes India Celebrity 100


India is a country of multiple cuisines, with flavours and spices weaving intricate and crucial parts of our everyday life. But the one name that strung Indian food together – or was the first to do so on a national level – and popularized the concept of cooking shows in India is, without a doubt, Sanjeev Kapoor.

For people who grew up or have lived long enough in the country, you have either eaten something your parent learnt from watching the chef on TV; have personally tried your hand in the kitchen, drawing inspiration from him; or have devoured a meal at Yellow Chili. And to celebrate this highly revered presence of Chef Kapoor in every Indian food lover’s life, Forbes India put him high up on the 2017 Forbes India Celebrity 100 list.

Sanjeev Kapoor Takes A Massive Leap Forward On The 2017 Forbes India Celebrity 100Image Source


It’s A Milestone

For the uninitiated, the Forbes India Celebrity 100 list is an exhaustive culmination of 100 names that have created an impact in a particular year. Usually the list sees names from the movie industry, literary world or sports. But this year, Chef Sanjeev Kapoor’s name has added some more flavor (pun intended) to the list.


According to India Today, Kapoor is ranked 34 this year, higher than authors like Tripathi and Bhagat, as well as stars like Sonakshi Sinha (45) and Kareena Kapoor Khan (47). The chef held the 73rd rank last year and prior to that wasn’t even part of the list.

The Khana Khazana host owes this massive leap to an increase in his gross earnings, which stand at INR 2485 crore. Moreover, despite not having any Michelin stars to his name, Kapoor’s constant presence in the public eye and involvement in events like World Food India 2017 – where he also made a record breaking quantity of khichdi – are other major reasons.

Sanjeev Kapoor’s presence on the coveted list is a milestone not only for the hospitality and food industry but also for budding chefs and aspirants paving the way to become a part of these industries. Here’s to hoping that Kapoor’s name is the first of many more chefs’ to come!

Take a look at the entire list here.

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