Sampling Dessert In All Its Forms At The LBB Dessert Bazaar 3, Delhi

Just as the Capital was looking for reasons to veg out in the beautiful weather, Little Black Book Delhi gave it the perfect one. Behold, the LBB Dessert Bazaar. The event is a delicious fete brought to life by a number of bakeries and bakers. 2016 saw the third rendition of this heavenly event. Held at Delhi’s lush One Golden Mile, it was graced by stalwarts like Deepali Modi, Sugarama, Azote, Whipped, Baked Love by Vatsala, Bonjour and a lot many more!LBB-Dessert-Bazaar-3_Article-img-without-Samsung-1

Dessert Bazaar is all about bringing together the best of the city’s dessert houses and sugar brains under one roof – or in this case, in one sprawling lawn – to give the townsfolk a delicious sugar rush they’ll dream of for weeks to come. To say the least, the fair sent home a whole bunch of sugar-high people.

Here’s a quick look at LBB’s Dessert Fest through our lens.