Sample Bira 91’s New Bira 91 Light At The Light Lunch Festival In Delhi

It is safe to say that Indian beer brand Bira 91’s entry in the Indian beer market has been nothing short of ground breaking. “Imagined in India”, the beer brand has managed to wow a massive crowd with its two variants – Bira Blonde and Bira White. And now adding to their folio are two brand new beers – Bira 91 Strong and Bira 91 Light.


The Light Lunch Festival

While the two new Bira variants aren’t available in the market yet, Bira 91 gives you an exclusive chance to sample their low calorie beer, Bira 91 Light at the Light Lunch Festival in Delhi.

The festival is aimed at showing calorie conscious food and beer lovers a great time with some amazing food and the new low-cal Bira. Customers will get to pick from a wide variety of restaurants that will serve up a lavish feast complete with a special menu comprising of an array of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian salads, sliders, grills and more! Moreover, you get to sample a Bira 91 Light to sign off at a ‘light note’! Get it?

Participating restaurants include Summerhouse Café in Hauz Khas Village; United Coffee House in Connaught Place; and Café Delhi Heights.


What is Bira Light?

Touted as the beer with the lowest calorie around the world and across all alcoholic beverages (like wine, champagne, and Breezer) as well! According to a press release, “Bira 91 Light is one of the first low-calorie beers to be introduced in the Indian market. The beer is positioned as a “lunchtime lager” – a quick refreshment that you can have with a light meal any time of the day.”

As for the taste of the beer, the Bira 91 Light packs a super light body, clean appearance, and crisp taste, Bira 91 Light is filled with exotic hops from Europe giving it a pleasant, natural finish making it the go-to choice for the calorie conscious as well as beer aficionados.

Basically, here’s a delicious lager that won’t give you a beer belly! So what’s stopping you! Grab your folks and head over to the Light Lunch Festival to try out the new diet friendly lager!

Sample Bira 91's New Bira 91 Light At The Light Lunch Festival In DelhiImage: Bira 91


Light Lunch Festival

Date: Fri, 30th June – Sun, 9th July

Time: 12pm – 3pm


Feature Image: Tales of Froth