Salt Bae Receives Flak For Serving Venezuela’s President His Famous Steak

Celebrity Chef Gokce aka Salt Bae became famous in early 2017 when a video of him salting an Ottoman steak in a Swan-like arm position exploded online and became a meme. A video footage released recently showed a performance like the one that gave him the fame but within a matter of hours, he deleted the footage after Senator Marco Rubio denounced him on Twitter.

The video showed chef Gokce with his hair slicked back, a pair of dark aviators over his eyes and a tight V-neck shirt, as he flicked his knife through medium-rare lamb chops at his Istanbul steakhouse. The theatrical execution of cutting meat and showering it with speckles of salt have made chef Gokce an international celebrity chef, who now runs steakhouses in the United States.

But what angered Mr Rubio and others was the identity of the dinner guest being served luxurious cuts of meat: President Nicolás Maduro of Venezuela, the authoritarian whose country’s economy and food supply have crumbled under his rule. He has since removed the videos of Maduro from his social media accounts.

Salt Bae Receives Flak For Serving Venezuela's President His Famous Steak

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