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Salmon Only Fast Food Chain To Become A Reality In China


Previously, fast food chains wore a bit of a different colour. Frozen food and loads of carbs were a staple. Now, Norway’s largest importer of salmon is opening up a salmon-only fast food chain in China. It turns out that Marine Harvest already has 5 restaurants operating under the chain Supreme Salmon in Taiwan.

However, they’ve set their sights a tad higher and are planning on opening 2,000 more locations in China. The restaurant serves a whole range of salmon-centric dishes, including salmon gyoza, salmon risotto, and salmon fried rice. Marine Harvest hopes that by opening the restaurants, China’s demand for farmed fish will go up.

While there are currently a few restaurants and cafes solely dedicated to avocados this will probably be one of the few restaurant chains dedicated to fish. Do you think it will be a success or perhaps a bit overkill? Would you go to a fast food joint with primarily salmon on the menu?

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