Saif Ali Khan Has Been Seen Enjoying Sloopy Noodles In Various Advertisements Lately

Last year was highly eventful for the world of noodles in India; there was the tumultuous Maggi saga, which was interspersed with the launch of Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali noodles. Somewhere along the way, India also saw the launch of another noodle brand: Sloopy Noodles.

About Sloopy Noodles

Sloopy Noodles is under the Supreme Biz Link Private Limited, which was launched incorporated in mid June 2015.

Based in Ahmedabad, Sloopy Noodles wants to make its mark in the world of FMCG, commenting on their website that “to achieve the highest slot, we emphasise on producing high quality products. We have stepped into FMCG world with our first product ‘Sloopy Noodles’ that comes in different ‘yummilicious’ flavours and sizes.’


At present, the noodles are available in Majedar Masala and Mirch Mania. In the future, the brand hopes to launch a range of bakery products including rusk, khari, cream rolls and cookies.

Saif Ali Khan and Sloopy

To promote the brand, Sloopy Noodles got Saif Ali Khan on board; he graces the noodles packets and starts in this TVC.

In the ad, it appears that Khan’s cook has run away. He is forced to wander through his kitchen (he clearly has no clue how one works) and makes himself a bowl of Sloopy noodles. We’re particularly amused by the fact that he opens his cupboard to see his own face grinning at him from the noodle packet.

Will we be seeing more of Sloopy in the future? Have you tried the noodles yet?