Ryan Reynolds Is Now The Proud Owner Of An Alcohol Label, Aviation Gin

41-year-old actor and gorgeous human specimen Ryan Reynolds just one-upped his investment portfolio. The Deadpool actor recently invested in existing American gin label Aviation Gin. The actor in addition to bagging part ownership of the alcohol brand has also been signed on as the face of the gin label.

The on-screen superhero took to Instagram to announce his new venture into the liquor business. Reynolds posted an image that featured him sitting on crates of Aviation Gin and holding a bottle in his hand. The caption read, “I own nothing in this photo. Except that gin company.”

“If you think all gin tastes the same, you’d be mistaken,” said Reynolds in a statement. “Aviation is in a completely different league and I couldn’t be prouder to be a part of the company.”

I own nothing in this photo. Except that gin company. @aviationgin

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For the uninitiated, Aviation Gin is a US-based gin that is produced in small batches in Portland, Oregon. The spirit is made with a blend of botanical ingredients that produces a relatively smoother product when compared to its drier, English counterpart.

Meanwhile, Aviation revealed the acquisition on Twitter with the same image of their “new boss”. “We’re excited to announce our new boss, @vancityreynolds. Actor, producer, professional good-looking person”, the tweet read.

Ryan is not the first celebrity to put his dough in an alcohol company. In fact, he is one of many to have recently joined that list, which already boasts of popular names like George Clooney (Casamigos – Tequila), Drake (Virginia Black – Whiskey), Jon Bon Jovi (Diving Into Hampton Water – Rosé Wine), and Jay-Z (Ace Of Spades – Wine).

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