There Are Rumours Of Two More New Oreo Flavours And This Might Just Be The Best Ever

Some might think this is totally crazy, but we’ve got to admit that it’s kind of awesome. Can you imagine stocking your kitchen full of delicious Oreo flavours and then not being able to choose which one you want when? Because we think that’d be kind of awesome. Since the beginning of this year, Oreo has been on a roll and a mission, of sorts, to make sure that they come up with the best and most interesting flavours. Some are a little weird, we’ll admit, but then they go and do something like this.

CandyHunting reported that there are two new flavours that are coming out later this year – along with the Firework Oreo – and you’re going to totally love them. First, there’s Mississippi Mud Pie and then there’s the Waffles + Syrup. If you’re not breathing yet, we don’t blame you, this sounds amazing!

The Mississippi Mud Pie is a classic Oreo cookie with chocolate and whipped cream flavoured creme inside. It’s like eating the pie itself, but in cookie form. It’s delicious and crunchy and even has the pie crust feel with each bite. Or so they say. With the Waffles + Syrup Oreos, you can fight anyone who tells you that you can’t eat cookies for breakfast, because that’s pretty much what the second new flavour is all about.

While there is no ‘official’ word on when these flavours will be announced or whether they’re actually happening, we’re all still going to wait around for Walmart shelves to be bursting at the seams with Oreo cookies.