Rumour Has It, Ben & Jerry’s Is Releasing A Bourbon Flavoured Ice Cream


The last year has seen so many combinations of alcohol and dessert coming together whether it’s a Red Wine Brownie or a Red Wine Hot Chocolate, there’s a combination out there for pretty much everyone. And now, Ben & Jerry’s is getting in on the action.

Not too long ago, we talked about Tipsy Scoop – a brand that focuses on boozy ice creams and how they’ve got a million flavours that you’re going to want to get your hands on. But forget them for a bit and focus on a brand that we’re all familiar with!

Ben & Jerry’s is rumoured to be introducing a new ice cream flavour called “Urban Bourbon” which contains burnt caramel ice cream with almonds, fudge flakes and bourbon caramel swirls. While the brand themselves haven’t confirmed this, we are definitely on board for this magic.

Instagram user candyhunting first posted an image of the pint that everyone is now talking about, stating that it would be out in stores in the next few months. Even better, Thrillist says that Ben & Jerry’s has applied for trademarking for “Urban Bourbon”.

There is still no official news on when the ice cream will hit stores, but keep watching this space for more and we’ll keep you updated.