Rujuta Diwekar Suggests These 5 Foods To Stay Healthy This Winter

While we all have our favourite foods for every season – even for the winters – it is always wise to know what the experts have to stay. Especially if the expert is celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar, who’s two-penny worth will keep us healthy, wealthy, and warm this season. Diwekar always professes the pros of including locally grown foods in the diet, and true to that principle her list of foods to brave the cold is also fortified with food that are local and are, most importantly, available easily everywhere. Take a look at what all you should be eating this season, according to Diwekar.


  1. Jaggery


It is not unknown that jaggery in every form is a winter staple. Whether it is mixed in halwas and laddoos or simple eaten with some chapatttis laden with a dollop of ghee, this iron and mineral-rich sweet works wonders for the digestive system, acne, and dull nails.


  1. Dry Ginger


Spike your glass of milk or morning tea with a dash of dry ginger powder to kiss all your winter woes away. Rich in antioxidants, dry ginger when applied with coconut or sesame oil can dramatically liven up your skin and hair. Just a teaspoonful of this wonder powder will definitely go a long way.


  1. Sesame


There is a reason why the kitchen is perpetually well stocked with til laddoos, gajak, and chikki during the cold months. The seed is rich in minerals that keep the skin plump and pigmentation at bay, while Vitamins B1 and E nourish the scalp thoroughly. If you’re not fond of the sweets, you can even add some til to your meals.

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  1. Amaranth


Another nutrient-rich seeds, Amaranth is a powerhouse of good health. A great source of lysine and folate, these seeds are a sure shot way of keeping your hair healthy and maintaining a bright glow on your face. You can either add the seeds to your food or invest in some good amaranth bars and/or amaranth bread.


  1. Dry Coconut

Sukha Nariyal

The benefits of coconut are not unknown. But did you know that apart from being excellent source of nutrients for your hair and scalp, the fruit adds a dollop of essential fats to your system. The result is lustrous hair, moisturized lips, and split-end and dandruff-free locks. Just add some dry/desiccated coconut to your snacks, and you’re good to go. Alternatively, substitutes such as coconut flour can also be used.


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