‘Ruby Chocolate’ Is Here & This Is What It Looks Like #POLL

What’s more precious than milk, white, and/or dark chocolate? A chocolate that shares its name with a precious gemstone. Yes, such a chocolate exists and Swiss chocolate maker Barry Callebaut is the proud inventor behind this new ruby-hued confectionary. Read on to find out what really makes this new chocolate variant ruby-red in color.

According to the maker, they used ruby cocoa bean to create the chocolate, which has berry-fruitiness and luscious smoothness. Moreover, it states that the new chocolate has no additional flavouring or colouring and both the hue and taste of the sweet come from the cocoa bean.

Although we want to believe the makers and try out this new chocolate ASAP, their claim is yet to be confirmed. So as of now, for all we know the chocolate may just have dropped in a dash of red food colouring and added flavours.

'Ruby Chocolate' Is Here & This Is What It Looks Like #POLLImage: The Indian Express 

However, if their claim is proven right, the ruby chocolate will be a milestone invention as it will be the fourth type of chocolate, with the most recent one being white chocolate that was invented in 1930s. Basically, we’re seeing history being made. And that’s big!

So, when can we sink our hooks into this crimson candy? According to one of the tweets by the company, we’ll have to wait a few months before the chocolate is officially made available to customers.

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Feature Image: chocolatealchemy.com