The Royal Family Is Not Allowed To Eat Shellfish

In addition to all the other restrictions that come from being a member of the Royal Family, here’s another one to add to the list. Members of the Royal Family aren’t allowed to order shellfish at a restaurant because of the high-risk of food poisoning which would ‘disrupt’ their engagements.

But that’s not all, apparently, they are also advised against ordering meat cooked rare and tap water while traveling abroad. Which makes sense, as they have plenty of Royal responsibilities to attend to. We hear that the Queen adheres strictly to this tradition, while some of the younger generation aren’t quite as legalistic about upholding the tradition (we got our bets on Prince Harry).

While we always had dreams about being princes and princesses growing up, it looks like there are quite a few more restrictions than previously thought. Giving up rare meat and shellfish are only a few of the dietary sacrifices that one would have to make. Looks like it sure ain’t easy being Queen.