Rose Infused Glitter Smores Anyone?

While it’s certainly not really smores season anymore, we’re sure that you’ll definitely want to try out these babies! XO Marshmallow is dropping Rose’ infused marshmallows, and before you think that’s all, they’re topped with rose gold glitter (does that define EXTRA or what).

According to the editors at Popsugar, they smell and taste overwhelmingly like rose. However, if you’re a teetotaler, have no fear, because all the alcohol is actually cooked out, so there’s no way these marshmallows can get you feeling tipsy (unless, of course, you add them to your Irish Coffeed hot chocolate).

According to XO Marshmallows themselves, these marshmallows are “Designed to be luxe, playful, and a little bit extra, we topped these marshmallows with edible rose gold glitter — perfect for creating a boozy s’more or being extra all on its own.” Get your hands on these extra Rose’ marshmallows here for $15 a pop, you know, if that’s your thing.