RoohAfza Fusion Is A New Drink From Hamdard Laboratories Which Will Help You Take On Summer
April 15, 2017
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RoohAfza Fusion Is A New Drink From Hamdard Laboratories Which Will Help You Take On Summer

Hamdard Laboratories India has just launched RoohAfza Fusion, a ready to drink beverage which combines RoohAfza with fruit juice. The drink was launched following a test market exercise.

Introducing RoohAfza Fusion

RoohAfza Fusion is a combination of RoohAfza – a non-alcoholic concentrated squash which can be mixed into water or milkshake – and fresh fruit juice. The product formula has the cooling power of 10 herbs.

The drink is available in five flavours; Refreshing Lemon, Delicious Orange, Juicy Mango, Exciting Pineapple and Orange and Luscious Litchi. It’s packaged into Tetrapaks and is available at Rs.20 for 200 ml.

Before the launch, the drink was tested in Delhi, where feedback was obtained from 50,000 people and which resulted in 9 lakh units being sold.

The new launch is a part of Hamdard’s strategy to connect to the youth who aspire for convenience, on-the-go formats.

Speaking at the launch, Mansoor Ali, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, Hamdard said “In the last few years, there has been a perceivable growth in the popularity of ready-to-drink fruit juice based beverages, especially amongst youth. This segment is actually the pivotal force that is driving growths in the overall consumption for this category. There is a perceptible shift of consumers towards natural & herbal products, and this is evident with RoohAfza growing in share in Modern & General trade. Keeping the intrinsic qualities of RoohAfza intact with the presence of 10 natural herbs fused with fruit juice, RoohAfza Fusion sits naturally on this positioning. We are confident that RoohAfza Fusion will create the positive disruption required, and prove to be a category shaker. Consumers are going to love this new avatar of their favorite drink.”

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    Kavita kar June 06, 12:30
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