Rooh Afza To Get A New Avatar in The Hamdard Makeover

Rooh Afza, known all over the country as the most popular rose-drink, is getting a much needed makeover by it’s promoter Hamdard Laboratories

For almost 110 years, the brand has produced herbal products and they’ve stayed true to their packaging and branding. But to keep up with the competition in the space it operates in, they are looking to revamp their popular rose-drink so that it spreads to more parts of the country and more people.

With close to Rs. 300 crore in sales, Rooh Afza will soon be sold in modern and general stores and be available in ready-to-drink single serve tetrapaks or PET bottles. Plus, they’ll be available in different citric flavours like lemon and orange. Their competitors – Tropicana and Paperboat, especially – have already established themselves in the market and on a daily basis, the market for non-fizzy drinks grows faster than those of their fizzy counterparts.

Mansoor Ali, the sales and marketing head of Hamdard also said, “One critical thing missing is that we’re slowly losing relevance with the youth in a very cluttered beverage space. There’s a reticence in reaching out because RoohAfza is not ‘cool’. This move will hopefully address that gap.” They’re also hoping that this revamp will help the drink move beyond the ‘summer, Ramzan’ positioning and be seen as a mocktail mixer or dessert topping and enjoyed by the youth everywhere.