Rooftop Restaurants In Connaught Place Sealed Following Building Collapse

Following the collapse of a building roof in Connaught Place’s C-Block last week, the New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) has sealed the rooftop sections of 21 open-air restaurants. Though there was no loss of lives, the collapse gave rise to a number of concerns regarding the safety of the buildings in the area.

“The open-air restaurants have been running for years without permission. The chief architect’s office had sent show cause notices to these for misuse of premises under sections 250 and 252 of the NDMC Act, 1994. The rooftop sections were sealed on Friday,” a senior official said. He also added that the council forbids the use of terraces and balconies in these heritage structures for commercial activities.

Image: Times of India

“They asked us not to use the balcony or terrace for commercial activity. After the collapse, the officials came and sealed the rooftop areas,” Ajmani said adding that the NDMC had issued notices to these establishments.

Further to this seal, the NDMC has put together a six-member panel to look into the reasons behind the roof collapse. This panel comprises of structural safety experts from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Delhi.

The sealed establishments include My Bar Headquarters, Warehouse Cafe in D-block, The Vault Cafe in F-block, Kinbuck-2 and Kitchen Bar in C-block, Lord of the Drinks, Open House Cafe, Jungle Jamboree, Boombox Cafe, Farzi Cafe, House of Commons, Hotel Palace Heights, Office Canteen Bar, Luggage Room, Cafe OMG, Unplugged Courtyard, Barbeque Nation, TC Bar & Restaurant, Teddy Boy Restaurant and The Niche Restaurant and Cafe Public Connection, an NDMC official said.

Image: Hindustan Times


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