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Roll Your Way Out of Your Food Rut with the Foodie Dice


Instead of reaching for your tried and tested recipes and ingredients when cooking your next meal, why not roll some dice? And no, we’re not telling you to abandon your kitchen and go gambling. Instead, discover exciting new combinations of ingredients by playing with the Foodie Dice.


Each die decides a different component to your meal, with a cooking method die, a protein die, a herb die and a seasonal vegetable die. There’s also a bonus ingredient die that may inject ingredients like mushrooms, bacon, lemon or nuts into your dish. With over 168,000 permutations and combinations, these dice will keep you inspired for many years to come.

Conceptualized by Liz and Sarah Downey, the dice were created to help people out of their cooking ruts and make cooking more fun. While some rolls may result in some pretty strange, impractical ideas (broiled cheese with millet and onions, anyone?), most combinations come up with some pretty drool worthy dishes. And if you’re feeling even more adventurous, try out the Mixology Dice, which suggest spirit, liqueur, fruit and spice combinations to make a refreshing new cocktail.


If you’re not already convinced, the Foodie dice come in beautiful packaging; reclaimed wine bottles with cork lids that will look right at home next to your herbs jars. The dice themselves are wooden, with simple laser etchings of the ingredients.


Remember when your mother told you not to play with your food? Go ahead; play with these to your heart’s galore. Who knows, you may just end up with your very own signature dish.