Roll On Over To Roll Over Chennai For A Delicious Ice Cream Treat

Thai Rolled Ice Creams was definitely a trend that we could get behind without a hitch. It’s ice cream that’s mixed on a cold stone and then flattened and rolled before served. It’s an interesting twice on the cold stone ice cream process and definitely something that the world has come to accept very happily. You can’t go wrong with ice cream made in any way, obviously, but when rolled and then doused in delicious toppings, how does anyone refuse a bowl?

Roll Over is a brand new ice cream shop opened in the city and serving a combination of Thai Ice Cream Rolls as well as sundaes and jar desserts. The ice creams are unique in every way and not just the way it’s served, but the ingredients and the elements that go into making the ice cream what it is. Started in Bengaluru, Roll Over was brought to Chennai by four friends who got one taste of the delicious ice cream offerings and didn’t think twice before signing the contract. That’s how good it is!

They spent over a year planning and finding the right spot, getting the elements for the ice cream as well as trying new flavours and making it work in the ice cream way. Niranjan and Mahadevan were at the shop to meet us when we visited and it’s clear that their passion for the brand and what they believe in is what is making Roll Over such an amazing place to visit. The ice cream flavours don’t come from essences or flavourings, but from the natural ingredients themselves. Whether it’s fruit pulp, or canned fruits that are not in season or ingredients made from scratch, Roll Over doesn’t compromise. And that’s pretty clear from the minute you put the ice cream in your mouth.

And if that’s not enough incentive, their ice creams are 100% vegetarian!

Here’s a video of the staff at Roll Over Chennai making us some Guava Chilli ice cream, which is one of the premium flavours on their menu. You can also find other delicious options like Choco Chip Cookie Dough, Butterscotch Caramel Popcorn, Paan Magic and the one that intrigued us most, Mojito.

The Guava ice cream rolls are made using Guava pulp and then served in a homemade waffle plate of sorts. Despite what you think, adding a little chilli powder to the top of your dessert will make it so delicious!

Roll On Over To Roll Over Chennai For A Delicious Ice Cream Treat

And of course, we had to have their Signature Dessert, Chocolate Karma. You get a chocolate sphere with a chocolate brownie inside, set on a bed of crumbled churros, served with vanilla ice cream rolls and then hot melted chocolate is poured over the sphere and the rolls to complete the dessert!

Roll On Over To Roll Over Chennai For A Delicious Ice Cream Treat

This Anna Nagar spot is going to be everything you’ve ever looked for in a dessert place, so make sure that you swing by this weekend. They’re open late on weekends, so after a night out, you know where you can go to get your sweet fix. And don’t let the monsoons hold you back either!

Roll Over Chennai is located at 338/3, Sunshine Apartments, 2nd Avenue, Anna Nagar, Opp. Santosh Stores. You can call them at 044 4555 6466 for more information.


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