Rocky & Mayur Take Us Through Various Indian Chilies On ‘Hot Stuff’

Spices and chillies make for a vital aspect of Indian cooking, fact that is evident from some of our piquant curries and many other fiery recipes. And while we are well acquainted with a hoard of chillies like Sriracha, cayenne, birds eye chilli, and more from across the globe, how well do we know the ones grown at home (and no, knowing that the Indian naga jholokia is one of the spiciest chillies in the world does not count, because heck everyone knows that!)? But fret not, because Rocky and Mayur are here to educate about various Indian chillies.

Food enthusiasts and popular food show hosts Rocky & Mayur have been known to up our food quotient with their whacky ways, and the duo are at it again with an all new food series called ‘Hot Stuff’. The food-loving pair is out to scout through Indian and discover some of the country’s hottest chillies with this new travelogue in collaboration with Bira 91.

Starting September 11th, the two will visit various Indian cities and try out the chillies popular there. The first episode featured Delhi’s Khadi Baoli, which is India’s largest spice market. The two hosts went on to dig into some rich tandoori nosh at the Capital’s iconic Moti Mahal Delux. Watch the first episode below.

The second episode of Hot Stuff, which came out earlier this week, showcased Coorg’s fiery hot Parangi Mallu chili. Watch it below to find out more about this South Indian firecracker!

Stay tuned to Bira 91 Glassware’s YouTube channel for new episodes every Monday. In the meanwhile, you can vote for your favourite hot sauces here!


Feature Image: YouTube | Bira91 Glassware