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Robots Serving You Food Is No Longer Science Fiction!


Don’t scoff just yet, because a restaurant in Montclair seems to have done the impossible. Their patrons are being served by robots. Star Wars has become a reality (How did you know George Lucas!).

A system of tracks running through the dining area allows wheeled robots to deliver food from the kitchen to the table. But it’s not all robots, according to David Ghim, senior corporate manager for the company. Waiters will still take orders and engage with customers.

“This is the first restaurant that we’re implementing this robotic system and we’re hoping, that it helps (our employees) in providing great customer service and that customers are enjoying it as well,” Ghim said Friday.

GEN Korean BBQ House opened its 12th location in Montclair. The robots, with flashing blue and green LED lights, look less like they belong in “The Jetsons” and more like something out of the 2008 Pixar movie “Wall-e.”

CEO David Kim, who was previously the CEO of Baja Fresh, had the idea for robots. “(David Kim) saw how he can help the servers,” Ricky Kim, marketing director for GEN Korean BBQ, said. “He’s always talking about doing something different. That’s his motto. Do it different.”

Sounds novel to me!

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