Robots As Waiters- Here’s Why You Need To Check Out This Restaurant In OMR

If you think you have seen it all this year, you are in for a surprise. How about robots replacing the usual cheerful (sometimes not that cheerful) waiters? Sounds like something out of a Will Smith movie? Nope. Namma Chennai has its own robot-themed restaurant and staying true to its theme, they have robots for waiters.


Located at Semmancherry on Old Mahabalipuram Road, Robot is definitely one of its kind, and It’s not just the ambience that has got us hooked on this place but the food too. The restaurant has sported some delicious dishes that have to be tried like the Mayonnaise Chicken, Thai Green Chilli Fish, Pan-fried Chicken, Chef Special Chicken Noodles. If you are curious about the dessert part, check out their Tender Coconut Ice Cream, Red velvet Brownie, Chocolate Milkshake.

It is the first restaurant in India with robots as waiters. But do remember that there are human waiters to help out in case of any issues. If you want to take a selfie with a Robot (who would not!), you can.

So, if you are a fan of themed restaurants and awesome food, head down to this restaurant to have a crazy experience, a couple of pictures with the robots and amazing food!